Top 5 Tips For Developing Business Using LinkedIn

by Annelle Barnett
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Does it seem like direct communication is becoming extinct? People don’t call you anymore, they text.  And most of us don’t even respond to those, as the myriad communication sources that feed into our mobile phones these days is overwhelming.

The world as we once knew it, where people conducted business in face-to-face meetings or over the telephone is becoming less and less common. With the advent of social media and online networking tools, we have all moved our business online. Who can blame us? No one enjoys receiving an unwanted sales call in the middle of working on a project that we finally found enough time and attention span to complete.

Companies who will thrive in this environment are those who evolve to embrace business development in an online world. Those who will fail are businesses that continue to employ methods involving sales reps hammering the phones all day trying to catch the one person who mistakenly answered the phone because they were expecting a call from someone else.

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

So, instead of beating our heads up against the wall, why don’t we try something new (or at least new to some of us)?

While we can certainly explore the business values of each social media platform, today’s focus is on LinkedIn.

Did you know that LinkedIn reports now having over 100 million members and roughly 1 million members join LinkedIn

every single week? (Source: Whoa! That’s a lot of people. And as a member of LinkedIn,

you have access to pretty much every single one of them. Not that you would want to connect with all of them but think

of the prospective customers that you do have access to.

It’s truly a goldmine and here are some pointers on how to use it most effectively to develop business and hopefully, drive revenues.

Tip #1: Use the Advanced Search Feature. With this feature, you can literally find the names and company names of

those individuals that exactly fit your target market. Search by keywords, title, name or company. Then segment your

results even further by selecting locations, management level, industry, company size and even whether they are listed

in the Fortune 1000. Finally, you can filter based on how you’re connected to them so that you can use friends and

colleagues to make introductions to those contacts that are especially appealing to you and your business. You couldn’t

pay for a database like this! And this one is virtually free.

Tip #2: Build A Community. Invite people into your world. Once you have found your perfect targets in the Advanced

Search feature, don’t send them a message that pushes your product or service onto them, simply invite them into

your world. Offer them something of value that they will receive if they accept your invitation. Then be sure to provide

them with this promised value by posting relevant content that benefits those in your community. Establish yourself as

a thought leader or subject matter expert in your industry by posting links to relevant articles, videos and blogs.

Ask questions and share information. By doing this, you will build a relationship with your connections and create trust.

Tip #3: Take Advantage of the Countless Number of Groups. Search for groups that are relevant to your industry

and join them. And don’t stop there, engage in the conversation. It only takes a couple of days of monitoring a

group to figure out how you to can become part of the discussion.

Tip #4: Strengthen Your Reputation. Whether you’re looking for a job or developing business, having a strong profile

is essential to your success. Did you know that most employers check out your profile before contacting you for a job?

I’ve even used LinkedIn to recruit people for jobs. Do you have a solid profile with quality descriptions of your work

experience? Has anyone recommended you or your work? You want your profile to paint an outstanding picture of

who you are and what you’ve accomplished in your career. People hire people and buy from individuals that they respect

and trust. Build your profile to support this.

Tip #5: Search and Post Events. This is an excellent way to find local events or national seminars to attend. Whether

you are looking to network with your peers, expand your subject knowledge or promote an event that you are hosting,

take advantage of the events section on LinkedIn.

I realize that joining the conversation is difficult. It’s time consuming and can even be scary because you may feel that

no one cares what you have to say. The truth is, people do. Once you start participating, you will start seeing the benefits.


These are just a few suggestions for using LinkedIn to drive business. If you want to continue the conversation, please post your comments in the section below. Or, if you’d like more information on how to use LinkedIn to drive results, Contact Me.

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